Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn (A time when love was real)

Summit Entertainment released this picture from the set of Breaking Dawn due to be released in November. I may be the oldest Twitarded fan in the world, but all I have to say about that is "Bring it on Summit. Mama's waiting!"


  1. No dear, I'm right there with you. If they hold too much back in this movie, I may have to hunt someone down (I'm certain you would love to come and help). I mean, have we not waited long enough? Let's move along to some hoochin already. Hello!

  2. ME TOO!!! I'm a 40 something Twi-hard fan...and, I've been patiently waiting...

    I think it will suck though that they're going to make us get part way through...and then make us wait for the ending...GRRRR...

  3. oh, rats. I made a promise to avoid all photos and trailers of BD. I saw nearly every clip of Eclipse before it came out and I deeply regretted it.
    Kinda messed with the 'Ah Ha' movie experience for me.

    *groan* but I've broken my promise already and put this photo on my wallpaper.

    Come onnnnnn, November.



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