Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Have To Get Rid Of My Chunky Highlights. Sigh.

The after shot, I still have red wine.
I need to find a new day job.  And, my gut is telling me that to be successful in my endeavor, I must change my hair--at least until I prove myself.

I am going to miss my Swedish blonde, mahogany, wine red, and copper layered locks. Hair says a lot about a person, and I love mine, but it is screaming, "I am an artist! I love to write! I'm a creative person, with a flare for fashion, but I'm a little bit on the wild side." My hair does not say, "applicant must be extremely organized and able to muli-task," like the description of jobs for which I am currently applying.  Shit!

The problem is that I have to pay bills to pay. So today, I am going to my funky hairdresser and tell her to tone it down a couple of notches. Although, I am going to request that she sneak in a couple of wine red tendrils somewhere. I refuse to completely conform. (Can you hear my foot stomp?)

I have a dream. That one day soon, I will find a path in life, where I can have my highlights, and unbridled individually too. It's just around the corner. I can feel it.

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